Thomas J. Wlodkowski

Thomas J. Wlodkowski is the Vice President of Accessibility at Comcast. In this role, Tom is responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategic plan focused on the usability of Comcast’s products and services by people with disabilities as well as pursuing opportunities to further enrich the customer experience for the disability community.

Throughout his career, Tom has been a pioneer in the accessibility field. Blind himself, he has been a champion for people with disabilities, working to improve usability of mainstream Internet, mobile, broadcast and cable television technology. Prior to joining Comcast, he served as the Director of Accessibility at AOL for over 10 years. In his office there was a poster that said “If a man who is blind can get to the top of Mount Everest, then he should be able to get anywhere he wants on AOL”.

The same holds true for his work at Comcast. Under Mr. Wlodkowski’s guidance, Comcast launched Voice Guidance on the X1 Entertainment Operating System, the industry’s first talking guide that provides people who are blind or visually impaired with independent access to the X1 set-top box user interface including TV listings, the ability to manage their DVR, access to Video On Demand and Settings. Tom and his team also opened a dedicated support center for customers with disabilities and created an accessibility lab to drive accessibility research and development. The lab provides an interactive atmosphere where employees can experience the accessibility features of Comcast’s current and future products and assistive technologies used by people with disabilities.

A graduate of Boston College, Tom currently sits on the Boards of Trustees for the American Foundation for the Blind and Associated Services for the Blind. He is also a member of the FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee, serving as Co-chair of the Video Programming Subcommittee.